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Choosing a Tie

You've got the suit, you've got the shirt, and now you just need to choose the tie. But which tie is the right one? In a nutshell, your tie should act as both a unifying element and also a focal point for the rest of what you're wearing. Advice on selecting the right tie often receives little attention and is usually an afterthought until the day before AOSB when you find yourself fishing in your sock draw for that old college or rugby club tie, usually tarnished with beer stains.

Colour and Pattern

The selection of an appropriate tie will depend largely on the colour and pattern of the suit and shirt you have chosen. The tie is the focal point of your outfit and can also be a good opportunity for you to show some flair. The basic rule is that the patterns should be selected carefully so that they do not interfere with one another and create a busy look. You should choose a colour that complements your shirt and suit colour. Avoid overly garish or comical designs to ensure that it does not impede your ability to present yourself in a professional manner.


You may have noticed the increasing popularity of the skinny, trendy style of tie often worn by the likes of Pete Doherty and various T4 presenters, more often than not accompanied by a unkempt hairstyle and stubble ridden chin. If you are serious about succeeding in your ambition to become an Army Officer I’m afraid to say you will have to restrict your wearing of such ties to when you are off duty. You should stick to a traditional style of tie that varies in width, being narrow at the top and becoming wider along its length. Boring I know, but take my advice.


Another bugbear of the majority of Army Officers is the rebellious schoolboy style of wearing your tie as short as you can get away with. Having interviewed several potential Army Officers who had fallen foul of this fashion folly, it is almost impossible to be taken seriously if you are dressed like a rebel. Ensure that your tie is worn at full length with the bottom of your tie a few inches above your belt buckle.