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Preparing for Selection

This section will tell you everything you need to know to prepare for Army Officer Selection including how to train for the fitness tests, that all important interview and even how to tie your shoe laces... Yes, really! The purpose of the Army Officer Selection process is to weed out those candidates who are not cut out to be an Officer.

The sad fact is that the British Army is shrinking and the number of applicants far exceeds the number of jobs that are available. These pages will give you clear and simple advice to enable you to prepare so that by the time you turn up for interview and AOSB you set for success.

Self Presentation: Find out how to make the right impression from the moment you turn up at AOSB. The Army is a very traditional and archaic organisation. Here I will explain how you need to present yourself and achieve success. Read more...

Preparing for Interviews: Learn how to make an impression during your interview and what the interviewer wants to see and hear from you. Here you will find proven techniques and the questions that you WILL be asked. Read more...

Getting Fit: If you cannot pass the basic Army fitness tests your dream to become an Army Officer will come to a halt. Find out how to train for success at AOSB and beyond. Read more...

Some General Advice

Your Online Footprint

You should be under no illusion that in order to earn a place at Sandhurst you will be scrutinised to assess your suitability for officer training. Our increasing reliance on the Internet and use of social networking sites has made it extremely easy to find information about almost anybody. While this was not so much of an issue when I was going through the system, be under no illusion that at some stage in the selection process you will be carefully vetted. While I was working in Officer Recruiting I would often ‘research’ some of the more dubious characters who came through the system using these means.  Before you begin the selection process it would be worthwhile checking that the information that is available about you on the Internet. You should ensure that you set your Facebook, Twitter, Bebo, My Space and Linked In settings so that you profile only displays the information that you want to share. Sanitise your Internet footprint of anything that may call your character into question.

Leadership & Confidence: Here you will find proven techniques to improving your leadership skills and confidence to improve your performance at AOSB. Read more...

More Information

You can find more information about preparing for Army Officer Selection in the How to Become an Army Officer guide. The guide has been compiled by a personal development organisation called How 2 Become who produce a variety of books and media to help people to succeed in beginning a new career. During my time working in Officer Recruiting I met several Potential Officer candidates who had used this guide, which provides detailed advice on all elements of the selection process.

It is currently priced from £12.97 depending on whether you have the books sent you or download electronic copies from the website. The guide itself consists of  200 pages of information on all aspects of selection, including detailed instructions of how to approach the various tests and assessments. The information in the guide has been gathered from several ex-Army Officers and together with this website provides you with everything you need to know about AOSB Briefing and Main Board.

How 2 Become are currently offering a free Army Officer fitness guide and a 150-page interview guide which you will also get when you buy the How to Become an Army Officer guide. Click on the image to the right to find out more about the guide.

Click here to buy the  200 page guide to becoming an Army Officer for £12.97