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Day One

Initial Physical Tests

Soon after you arrive you will do a Multi-Stage Fitness Test, more commonly known as the ‘bleep’ test. It is exactly the same as the one you did at your AOSB Briefing. Find out more...

Introductory Talk

The Board President, an Army Brigadier, will give an introductory talk. This will include some useful tips on how to approach the Board.

Written Tests

An essay will assess your written communication skills. This is followed by computer-based tests on general knowledge, Service knowledge and current affairs.

Psychometric Tests

You will be required to sit Mental Aptitude, Memory & Attention and Personality tests. Find out more...

Day Two

(Day One and Day Two programmes are combined into a single day on weekend Main Boards)

Group Discussion

The group opening discussion lasts for 40 minutes. During this time we will invite you to discuss a number of moral and newsworthy topics. Find out more...


All candidates have one-to-one interviews with their Vice President, Deputy President and Education Adviser. The style and tone of the interviews are relaxed and informal. Find out more...

Leaderless Tasks

Your group will be given a task, no leader will be specified but your leadership, dominance influence will be assessed. Find out more...

Planning Exercise Tutorial

You will receive a lecture on how to approach the Planning Exercise. This session is not assessed.

Day Three

Planning Exercise

This theoretical written exercise tests your ability to use people, equipment and time effectively. You are given an hour to study the narrative and write up your solution. Find out more...

Command Tasks

Each member takes a turn at being in command of the group. The objective is to complete a specified practical task within a time limit. Find out more...

Individual Obstacle Course

Individuals must negotiate an individual obstacle course with the object of completing as many obstacles as possible within a set time limit. Find out more...


Each candidate gives an informal five-minute talk to the group on a specified subject. Find out more...

Semi Formal Dinner

In the evening you will enjoy a formal dinner with your fellow candidates. At some point during AOSB you will be given the opportunity to enjoy a few drinks in the bar with your fellow candidates and perhaps some of the staff running the board. You are likely to be told that this is not part of your assessment and to relax and be yourself. Once again – I hope that having read so far you will be under no illusion that during your time at the AOSB you are under continuous scrutiny.

Day Four

The Final Race

On the last morning you will compete the Final Race – an outdoor leaderless task competing against the other groups on the Board. It is a tough course, and is your final opportunity to show the Board your abilities. For advice on this task read the section on Leaderless Tasks.

What Happens Next?

The Board Officers start assessing candidates after the Final Race. This is the first time the assessors discuss the candidates, and every point raised by the Group Leader, the Deputy President and the Education Adviser is explored in detail. The results will be posted first class and should arrive within two working days; for a Weekend Board the results will be posted on a Monday morning.

If you pass, you will have demonstrated that you have the potential to be an Army Officer. You will also have rightly earned yourself a place at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, provided you pass the Army medical.

AOSB Main Board

AOSB Main Boards run throughout the year and take place both during the week and at weekends and are available to both Regular and TA candidates. Weekend Boards are generally reserved for those who have genuine unchangeable commitments that prevent attendance during the week. A weekday Board usually commences on a Tuesday and finishes on a Friday, whilst a weekend Board commences on a Thursday and finishes on a Sunday. Outlined below is a short summary of the Main Board Programme. Click find out about the tests and assessments you will need to pass click here.

The Selection Process


Up to 40 candidates may be attending the Main Board at any one time. You will be divided into groups of eight, in mixed groups of with men and women. It is important to remember that you are not competing against the other candidates. You are all being assessed against a common standard and your success is based entirely on your own performance. Equally, there is no single test by which you pass or fail – this is a series of assessments designed to give the assessing Officers an understanding of your officer potential. The Officers assessing you will be interested in your approach to problems and challenges, and your attitude towards other members of the group – both as a team player and as a team leader.

Board Composition

The Board consists of the following members: