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During the selection process you will undergo several formal interviews which will explore your background, past achievements and employment history. The interview is also used as a tool to assess your suitability as an Army Officer together with evaluating your powers of communication and articulation. Having interviewed hundreds of Potential Officer candidates during my time in Officer recruiting, the following sections will help you prepare for your interview and give you some suggestions of how you can maximise your performance.

What Questions will I be Asked?

The type of questions that you can expect to be asked will depending on the stage you are at in the selection process. Click on the buttons below to see the questions you will be asked at each stage.

Initial Interview Questions: Click here to see the questions you will be asked in the initial interview.

AOSB Interview Questions: Click here to see the questions you will be asked at AOSB Briefing and Main Board.

Non Verbal Communication

Click on the links below to find out what signals you sent the interviewing Officer through your Body Language and Mannerisms and how to control them.

Body Language: Control your body language and avoid sending negative signals.

Mannerisms: How do those annoying mannerisms affect your ability to communicate effectively.

Preparing for Interview

From the several thousands of applicants who attempt Army Officer Selection, Sandhurst only has capacity to accept approximately 280 Officer Cadets each year. The purpose of these interview is to filter out the dross, and turn away those individuals who lack the fundamental skills of intellect, expression, and ambition to progress any further. The sad fact is, however, that a significant proportion of those who do not make it through these initial filters could in fact be extremely capable leaders, with the raw potential to motivate and inspire soldiers through arduous and gruelling situations. Their ambitions to achieve their dream of becoming an Army Officer shattered, simply by a failure to prepare and communicate effectively.

Preparing for Interview: Find out how to prepare for the Initial and AOSB interviews and learn the techniques that will help you to achieve success.

Interview Skills

Click here to buy the Interview Skills guidebook for £4.97