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AOSB Briefing

AOSB Briefings run throughout the year and take place both during the week and at weekends. The procedure for both is identical are available to Regular and TA candidates. Depending on your choice it will commence on a Monday and finish on a Tuesday or commence on a Saturday finishing on a Sunday lunch-time. The aim of the Briefing is to brief candidates on the Army, on the selection methods used and on an individual’s aptitude. Outlined below is a short summary of the Briefing Programme:

Day One

Opening Address

You will collectively receive a central introduction from an Army Colonel who will be acting as the President of the Board.

Introductory Talk

Prior to the start of the assessments you will receive an comprehensive introduction on the Army Officer selection process and procedure of both the AOSB Briefing and Main Board.

Group Discussion

This is the first stage of your assessment and will be used as an ice breaker after being split down into groups of 8 candidates. This will take place as an informal discussion about contemporary affairs, in your group of eight candidates. Find out more...

Mental Aptitude Tests

Various assessments will assess your verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning. Find out more...

Planning Exercise Tutorial

The Planning Exercise is a written scenario involving a number of problems, which you are required to analyse and solve. You will be taught how to approach the problem and given an example to solve. Find out more...

Day 2

Practical Techniques

A series of practical techniques, useful for the Main Board will be taught.

Physical Tests

You will complete a shuttle run (males should aim to reach level 10.2 and females level 8.1) and an obstacle course; you will need to be physically prepared for this. This will require you to start a structured physical training plan well before the Briefing. Find out more...


When you have completed your Briefing, the Board will meet and assess your performance. You will be fully appraised of the Board’s view during your final interview and placed in one of four categories:

CATEGORY ONE: You will be invited back to attempt the Main Board.

CATEGORY TWO: You will be invited back, but given a delay (usually 6, 12 or 24 months) in order to address a particular aspect of your performance.

CATEGORY THREE: In the view of the Board, you would probably be unsuccessful at Main Board. You are permitted to attend Main Board if you wish to do so.

CATEGORY FOUR:The Board judges that you are unsuitable for officer training. You will not be permitted to continue with your application.