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Body Language

Before you even open your mouth to answer a question you will already be communicating with the Officer interviewing you simply by the signals you give through your body language. While the Army Officers interviewing you are unlikely to have received any special training in body language interpretation techniques, they will have conducted hundreds of interviews prior to yours and will have developed an ability to recognise certain basic signals.

Ensure that you make eye contact with the person interviewing when answering questions. I am not suggesting that you stare intently into their eyes without breaking contact (that would be very odd), but your ability to maintain eye contact can be useful indicators of your confidence and powers of communication.

Avoid excessive fidgeting during the conversation. Again this can be very distracting and is a clear indication of discomfort and nerves. The person interviewing you will understand that you are likely to be nervous and will do their best to put you at ease.

An in depth analysis of how to understand and control the signals you send through your body language is beyond the scope of this site, however if you are interested in learning more about this I would recommend one of the following books that I found extremely useful when going through the selection process myself and have called upon many times during my career - as an Officer you will spend a lot of time interviewing your soldiers. All of these are readily available from Amazon.

What Everybody is Saying

This book by Joe Navarro is probably the most useful publication about body language that I have come across. It gives a detailed insight into the signals we send through body language - if you have not studied this topic before, this is an ideal place to start. There are sections throughout the book which provide anecdotes/examples from the author's career as an FBI agent, to help illustrate his points, and to make for an even more fascinating read.

It's only after you have read the book however, that the reading actually begins! It's like a whole new world has opened up to you, as you start to notice things you were previously ignorant of, whether that be from observing interviews on television, or speed-reading people in a waiting room, to pass the time.

What Everybody is Saying is easy to read and provides practical advice, enabling you to identify what signals you send by certain types of behaviour. I think it gives accurate and detailed information on what to look for and what you should convey yourself to send the right impression.  This is the best book on body language that I have come across.

Click on the image to the left to visit Amazon, read the reviews and buy the book.