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Through the selection process the Officers who will be assessing you will be continuously asking themselves one question – ‘can I see this individual as a British Army Officer?’ There are certain things you can do to help them reach the preferred answer to this question and one of them is to ensure that you look the part. Presenting yourself cleanly shaven and freshly groomed will go a long way to improving your chances – appearance goes a long way.


Be sure to get a sharp haircut before turning up for your initial interview or AOSB. The general rule at Sandhurst is a No. 4 on top and No. 2 on the sides – but you’re not at Sandhurst yet and you certainly won’t be expected to have a military hair cut at AOSB. As a rough guide, avoid anything too eccentric or the wet look with too much gel that make you look like you’re warming up for a night on the town. Don’t waste your time going for generic military styles such as crew cuts and anything that will make you look like a Nazi sympathiser and you won’t go too far wrong.

Ladies should bear in mind that you will be required to put your hair into a bun for a lot of the activities during AOSB so there is little point in spending a fortune on getting your hair perfect. Instead I would recommend that you go for something that is practical and more importantly, not to overdo it.


When it comes to makeup there is a fine balance to be struck. At during the Commissioning course at Sandhurst you will not be permitted to wear makeup during the working day (nor will you have time to apply it). It is important to remember that you are being assessed on your suitability as an Army Officer and not on the intensity of your lipstick. I am not saying that you should not bother paying attention to your appearance for your initial interview or AOSB but you should do so in moderation. Women make up approximately 10% of Sandhurst Officer Cadets and an even lower percentage in the wider Army. While the vast majority of Officers and Soldiers have no doubt that a female Officer is equally capable of commanding soldiers as their male counterparts, your credibility can be destroyed by over sexualising yourself. Apply makeup in moderation and guard against overpowering perfumes and fragrances - less can sometimes be more.