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Apart from your name badge that you will be issued on arrival at AOSB, you should avoid wearing any kind of badges or stickers on your suit. If you’re lucky enough to have earned a Blue Peter badge or completed the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, jolly well done!  By all means include these achievements in your CV (well maybe not the Blue Peter one) but I would suggest you avoid wearing badges for these accolades to your suit – believe me, it has been done.
If you need to wear a belt with your suit you should go for a standard black leather style with a standard buckle. Avoid fabric belts or funky designs that do not fit with the style of your suit. AOSB is not the time to bring out your comical belt with the skull and crossbones or Jack Daniel's buckle, save it for the weekend!
Ok, so this one’s mainly for the girls. Army Selection is not the place to show off your latest addition to your Return to Tiffany selection. Remember that those assessing you are trying to get a feel for your suitability as an officer. While your choice in jewellery will of course have no reflection on your leadership ability, excessive or tacky jewellery will raise concerns over your judgement. Avoid large earrings and necklaces, instead stick to subtle items to complement your outfit.
But before the boys go thinking they are completely off the hook, it is worth raising the issue of watches. Few Army Officers will be impressed by an overly expensive or flash watch, think practically and go for a traditional design or functional outdoor variety. I provide more advice and recommendations for good watches here.